Classic Wooden Forks - 6.5"

Classic Wooden Forks - 6.5"

from 3.95

Classic Wooden Forks - 6.5”


Compostable Wooden Forks, Biodegradable Party Supplies for Any Graduation, Luau, Fiesta, Tea Party, and More…

  • 24 Pieces - $3.95 - .16  per piece

  • 100 Pieces - $6.95 - .069 per piece

  • 300 Pieces - $19.95 - .066 per piece

  • 500 Pieces - $31.95 - .063 per piece

  • 1,000 Pieces - $59.95 - .059 per piece

  • 2,500 Pieces - $119.95 - .047 per piece* - Best Value

  • 5,000 Pieces - $219.95 - .043 per piece

  • 10,000 Pieces - $429.95 - .042 per piece

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●      NATURAL DISPOSABLE CUTLERY: Instead of getting boxes full of clear plastic cutlery that can hurt our ecosystem, invest in our wooden utensils that are 100% compostable. No need for a commercial composting facility because our utensils are able to biodegrade in your backyard compost bin in about 45 days!

●      FLATWARE FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES & MORE: At any get-together you’re having, our wooden cutlery is the perfect alternative to plastic utensils or expensive silverware. Your guests will love our forks that are made from 100% natural birch wood. Whether you’re planning an outdoor picnic, participating in vendor events, or hosting a beach wedding, our cutlery is the perfect addition to any event!

●      CRAFTING SUPPLIES: These eco-friendly products aren’t just great for the kitchen. They make creating adorable home crafts a piece of cake! Wood art is in style, and with our fancy, all-natural birch wood forks, your homemade art and decor will match any interior style: farmhouse, antique, and more.

●      SPOONS, FORKS & KNIVES SET: Don’t worry! We sell more than just forks. Our eco-friendly utensil line includes compostable knives and spoons as well. When used together, all three of these quality birch-wood products make the perfect set for any brunch, lunch, or dinner party. All of our products can be purchased in bulk for large gatherings.

●      THE BIRCHWARE DIFFERENCE: At Birchware, we have the highest standard of quality possible. All of our products are heat-tolerant (for cooking), FSC approved, and chemical-free. We don’t use any glues, glazes, or dyes on our products. Our utensils can handle any appetizer, meal, or dessert thrown at them! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase.