Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Heat resistant?
A: Birchware utensils are heat resistant beyond 200 degrees. 

Q: What is the taste / flavor?
A: There is no distinguishing smell or flavor from the utensils. 

Q: After processing are the utensils cleaned? If so, what is the solvent?
 The utensils are sterilized in the factory using only high temperature steam. There are no chemicals used in the processing or cleaning of the product. 

Q: Packaging?
A: Additional options for packaging are available based on consumer requirements. 

Q: Are you re-growing, replanting trees?
A: Yes. After the trees are felled, the forestry agency manages the replanting and re-growth of the trees. 

Q: At what rate do you plant trees in comparison to cutting tree?
A: Trees replanted at 80%, letting the other 20% re-grow. 

Q: How long will it take for a birch tree to grow?
A: It takes about 10-15 years for a birch tree to grow to maturity. 

Q: Where are the trees farmed? 
A: Birch trees are harvested from Daxing’anling Forest, the largest forest in China.